Where is this blog going?


A new blog name, a new web host, new blogging platform, new domain, same old writer. What’s the deal?

New web host and blogging platform

My web hosting account with A Small Orange was up for renewal at the end of September so I was in the headspace to reassess whether I was getting a good deal for my money. In digging around their terms and conditions I noticed that this particular hosting company was happy to host pornographic websites provided they complied with US law.

Hmm… I’m not as pure as the driven snow, but the idea of my dollars going to a company that is also making profits from porn does not sit well on my conscience. So I started looking into this issue and realised that the majority of hosting providers in fact are happy to host ‘legal’ porn sites. The few that do not tend to be European sites. Much internet searching later and I had a list of possible candidates and one in particular held my attention; Ghost.

In the Terms of Service for Ghost it clearly states that each user must warrant that:

Content is not pornographic, does not contain threats or incite violence, and does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party;

Ghost is a new blogging platform which began from a Kickstarter campaign to design an alternative to WordPress which put the focus back on writing rather than the amassed options and clutter which can overwhelm many blogs. I tried it out a year ago when very new but at that stage I found it just too sparse and technically demanding to stick with it. The platform has matured since then and I am enjoying it now that I’m getting used to writing using Markdown.

Why the new domain and blog name?

I began blogging with a very Christian focussed blog, “Words of Eternal Life“. Having a title like that implied that what I was writing should have some authority to it but in reality I was using my blogging as an exploration of my Christian faith rather than trying to make authoritative statements on belief. So I often felt a tension between what I wanted to write and a that I should be writing good theologically sound content.

I then went the other direction and blogged under my own name and wrote on assorted random topics, though have not in fact published very much during this phase.

What I most like to write about is faith in Christ. The process of thinking up and writing blog posts centred on my faith helps my faith to grow and drives me to learn more about what I believe and why and how this can be lived out in the real world. So I am wanting to move back to such an emphasis on my blog.

However, the longer I try to walk with Christ the more aware I become of my failures, weakness and unworthiness. The grace of God is my only hope, apart from what God does I truly am wretched. I don’t profess to have a great understanding of theology, though I try to remain orthodox in my beliefs. I’m interested in how faith interacts with real life – Monday morning faith rather than Sunday evening faith. Life can be hard, for most people it is hard and faith needs to have real answers for those hard places.

The path from here will hopefully be through pondering, wrestling with, writing about and living out faith in Christ amid my normal daily life.

About (A Saved Wretch)

Hi, sorry, not much to see here. I am in the process of migrating 5 years worth of blogging to the Ghost platform so it may be a bit messy here for a while. Once I’ve got all the posts moved across I will get around to writing a more informative ‘about page’. Until then have a dig through the posts and see if anything inspires you.



The Ghost blogging platform does not have a comments feature as yet and I am reluctant to use Disqus as it requires you to set up a disqus account in order to use it. So currently the only way to give me feedback is to email me at mikemcarthurnz at gmail.com, just be aware that my response time is in the order of a day or two rather than within minutes! I’m married to my wife, not my email.