Whatever is just

How many times do you say, out loud or in your heart, “it’s not fair!” ? I know the thought goes through my mind frequently.

Yet when I consider statements in the Bible like those of Jesus in Matthew 5:43-45, I have to concede that indeed life is not fair, but the unfairness comes down strongly in my benefit. If God were just, but not merciful, I would starve!

God is just, there will be a final court appearance for all of us and the verdict will be very bad because we have all turned away from our creator to consider ourselves the most important being in the universe (Romans 3:23-26). Jesus stands in between the unalterably just character of God and me as a sinful person who cannot change by myself. He has met the requirements of justice in his own body, so that I can now stand before God without being destroyed.

Thank you God for the riches of Your grace, which You lavished upon us! (Ephesians 1:7-8).